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Perhaps the most noticeable growth happening in the greater Raleigh area is in Wake Forest and its surrounding vicinity.  The increase in population means the addition of new housing and further business development.  There are more construction projects popping up monthly it seems in our neck of the woods that results in the destruction of our forests and natural environment.  We hope the  Town of Wake Forest can live up to its name by preserving the remaining forest, natural habit as well as planting more trees as outlined in the town ordinance.  Our feelings are bittersweet.

It's a bittersweet feeling. As we welcome the economic growth and development in our cities, we are also heartbroken to see the natural habitat getting demolished due to the expansion. Luckily, @townofwakeforest requires street trees to be planted in all new developments. We are going to do our part by harvesting more plants including banana trees at our home this coming spring. 🌳 @ufb4trees #nclife . . . . . 나라도 나무를 심자 . #wakeforestnc #communitysupport #townofwakeforest #deforestation #doyourpart #constructionsite #bittersweet #plantmoretrees #demolition #cloudy #mindful #savetheplanet #conscious #ncphotographer #ncblogger #environment #landscape #northcarolina #moodygram #iphonephotooftheday #visualsoflife #fromwhereistand #감성사진 #마음 #미국 #일상룩 #사진촬영 #스냅사진

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The housing inventory in Wake Forest continues to grow as the demand is booming in early 2018. Seeing the wooded forest areas go away takes away some of the charm and rural feel that we loved about the area. However, as part of growth comes development but the area seems very committed to high standards on landscaping and the overall care of the land. So, in seeing that we look for the community to maintain a balance between housing and the overall landscape of the town.

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