Top 5 Reasons to Move to North Carolina

top reasons to relocate to north carolina

We have resided in North Carolina for just under 10 years now.  During that time I can wholeheartedly say that we have truly grown to love this beautiful state.  So much so that it is the driving force as to why we decided to build NC.Life and share not only our experiences but also all you would ever want to know about the Tar Heel state.

It may sound hard to believe but there are so many wonderful things about living in N.C. that it was incredibly hard coming up with a Top 5.  Alas, we have done that however keep in mind this is our own Top 5 Reasons to Move to North Carolina and as such may not be in line with your top 5 reasons or for that matter other people that live here & adore the state.

This list is in no particular order as that would’ve only added to our inner struggle on ranking them #1 thru #5 and frankly we didn’t need that kind of pressure in our lives!  Who knows maybe we will come up with a top 10 at some point as 5 doesn’t really do the state justice to be honest!

The Great Outdoors (all within your reach)

Yes indeed!  From aww inspiring views on mountain tops to the numerous beaches that are up and down the coastline there is an endless amount of outdoor destinations throughout the state to see.  Add to the mix historic landmarks like the Biltmore, numerous state parks, more than a handful of impressive lakes and the world famous Blue Ridge Parkway it’s easy to see why people can live here for decades and can say they have yet to visit them all.

Regardless of where you live in North Carolina rest assured you are within a reasonable driving distance to at least 1 or more of the many beautiful outdoor destinations the state has to offer.  For example our current home is only 2 hours from our favorite beach, less than 30 minutes to a state park and less than 20 minutes to a fantastic lake.  I could go on but my point is this state has so much to offer when it comes to natural or man made outdoor destinations than you could shake a stick at.

Diversity:  Communities & Industry

One of the most fascinating things about living in North Carolina has to be the diverse communities that exist throughout the state.  Traveling through the state you get to see communities that have been in existence for decades and along the way get a firsthand look at what being a North Carolinian is all about.

In the fast growing urban centers like Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro or Charlotte you can clearly see influence that transplants bring with them. That broadening of the demographic really drives diversity and creates dynamic communities in those cities as well as the surrounding suburbs.

Most likely if you are considering moving to North Carolina you are looking at 3 possible community scenarios:

  • A Beach Getaway/Retirement spot – boom we have you covered as NC offers tons of spots up & down the coastline not to mention cozy cabins up in the mountains.
  • A thriving and growing city – again, we’ve got you covered and great suburbs for families to work in those cities and then commute to the burbs.
  • Country Living – looking to buy land and build?  What about a great country property to escape the hectic city life?  Again, we’ve got you covered as there are towns throughout the state that are far enough removed from the big cities but offer acreage, peace & quiet and the tranquility you need to say write a book or simply get back to the simple things in life that make you happy.

In many respects North Carolina is a progressive state when it comes to industry as you will find high tech companies companies in the Research Triangle Park for example.  From manufacturing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, Internet of Things, Automotive and so many more there is almost any industry you can think of somewhere in the state.

Affordable Real Estate

Now we realize this is somewhat relative and it all depends on what area of the country you are from and/or might be familiar with.  Comparatively speaking whether in Raleigh, Charlotte or some of the larger cities throughout the state and including the surrounding suburbs a typical house is often $250,000 or even less in fact.

Point in fact whether you go to Trulia, Zillow or any of your favorite real estate destinations and do a search of properties in whatever major city/suburb in North Carolina you will notice in those search results that lots of properties come in at $25ok or less.  That is what I call value when compared to other major cities up & down the east coast as an example.

Moderate Climate (4 seasons)

The weather here is what we would call a moderate climate albeit some years have longer & hotter summers than others.  What this means is that because for a good chunk of the year the weather is in the “get outside and enjoy it” range between 60 to 85 degrees you won’t be stuck inside for very long.

Mind you there are periods where the humidity is very high but prior to and then after that passes the weather calls to you in a way we have never experienced prior to moving here.  Both spring and fall seasons are magical.  In the spring a great getaway is the Biltmore Estate and in fall the Carolina Reneissance Festival and the State Fair are both things you can’t miss.

Higher Education

North Carolina ranks among the top states in the country when it comes to university degree programs.  In fact the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the oldest public universe in the United States.  It was founded in 1789 as had remained a top tier school ever since.

north carolina higher education top 5 in U.S. Image credit https://smartasset.com/student-loans/top-states-higher-education

Specifically in the Raleigh/Durham area there are 15 universities and 10 colleges throughout the area.  In fact no other region of the country has this many top caliber universities so close to each other – The Big Three being UNC, Duke and NC State and all within 20 miles of one another. The complete list can be found here.  You can see above where North Carolina ranks in the Top 5 in State University programs.  Yay!

But There’s More

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post listing a Top 5 was difficult and after writing I almost feel like a Top 10 might have been more fitting.  Alas, I’ll save that for another time and make that a part II of the series.  Are you looking to move here?  Do you live here already?  If you live in North Carolina please feel free to comment below regarding your experience and overall input on what it is like living here.  We would love to hear from you all get a great discussion going!

Don’t just take our word for it, U.S. News & World Report just ranked the Raleigh-Durham area as the 7th best place to live in the United States. Read the entire analysis here to find out why this area is in the top 10 in the nation and rest assured will continue to be for a very long time folks!

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