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thai cafe wake forest review

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine including authentic Thai food, then head over to the Thai Cafe in Wake Forest or in Durham.  Their food is full of exquisite flavor as one might expect from Thai cuisine.  The prices are very reasonable especially for lunch.  They also serve sushi rolls and have a Sushi bar.  We always end up ordering the same dishes each time we eat here.  Brian’s favorite dish is the Thai BBQ Chicken and mine is the Spicy Basil Leaves with vegetables, and of course, hot sauce is a must on the side!

At the Wake Forest location the servers are very friendly and accommodating.  The food is prepared very quickly and the wait time is almost non-existent to get seated typically.  There are also dishes for folks that haven’t ventured out as much when it comes to Asian food so no need to worry about that.  Lastly, for those that haven’t tried it already we suggest trying the Spicy Coconut Soup prior to getting your entree.  You also can’t go wrong with the

Overall our review is favorable across the board.  The Sushi Bar puts it over the top to where we absolutely recommend this place as a must try.  So, if you are visiting or live in the area stop in for a bite.

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vegetables with basil sauce

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