The Sea of Sunflowers in Raleigh

Sunflowers in North Carolina

Despite the sweltering July weather, Brian and I headed out to witness the sunny blooms in person.  We were happy to say the least to find out this magnificent sunflower field (over 50 acres) is located right in our own city of Raleigh, located near the Neuse River Trail.  I’ve always been a huge fan of flowers including sunflowers but I have never seen a vast field of sunflowers, row after row of these gorgeous flowers until now.  Breathtaking!

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One notable fact to mention about this sunflower field is the way it’s cultivated.  The flowers are fertilized with biosolids (byproducts of wastewater) from the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility to harvest into a sea of sunflowers.  Not only do these blooms offer visual splendor but they also contribute to a green solution for waste disposal.  It’s a win-win situation!

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The field of flowers also attracts many insects including bees, butterflies, crickets, etc.  There were lots of bees.  Luckily they were quite tame as long as you didn’t disturb them.  But I was surprised not to witness any mosquitos that day.  I was glad I didn’t need to use mosquito repellent as the humidity was down a bit that afternoon.

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Details.  You really get to appreciate the sheer beauty of sunflowers up close and personal.

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What You Should Know:

A few important reminders if you are plan to visit next time around.

  • The viewing window is limited – from late June to mid July.
  • Arrive in the morning when the weather is cooler
  • Be sure to pack water (plenty of it) & a camera/phone to capture the beauty.
  • Apply SPF rain or shine.
  • Don’t go beyond the fence?  We honestly weren’t aware at the time that people are not suppose to get into the field.  Almost every visitor went over the fence into the field to take photos.  Oops!  Not sure how else you can get a good look at them but be careful.
  • Never pick flowers.  There were a few irresponsible parents and kids walking away with flowers in their hands.  Let nature be, don’t harm or destroy!


(Location: 6090 Mial Plantation Rd).  We purposely took the scenic Neuse River Trail route for about 1.5 mile walk to the field.  Although the brutal heat made being outdoors a bit difficult the trip was more than worth our time.  There is nothing quite like thousands of sunflowers to brighten up your mood and outlook on the day!

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