Improve Your Workflow with Batching

time management batching
As we’ve gotten a little older, the more we both realize the importance of time more so than money.  The utmost way to maximize one’s time is to prioritize and reduce distractions.  One of the best methods to do just that is batching.  The more we have applied batching in our lives, the more organized and focused we are during work hours.  Ultimately meaning less overlap into our personal time.

Batching to us means taking control of our schedule.  Multi-tasking is an illusion for the most part and is draining.  Focusing on similar tasks each day is a more efficient way to get stuff done especially for those of us that work at home or remotely.  Instead of juggling multiple tasks by going back and forth, we focus on one specific task at a time and with no more than 2-3 major objectives each day.  For example, one day we work on content creation and the next day is for field trips.

Do you batch?  How do you manage your time?

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