Celebrate Dirty Dancing 30 Year Anniversary in Lake Lure

dirty dancing lake lure

Dirty Dancing is perhaps the most memorable movie filmed in North Carolina.  And we are the home of Dirty Dancing considering much of the movie was filmed in the state with the majority of the scenes took place in Lake Lure, NC.  This picturesque area boasts one of the most stunning manmade lakes in the world.  As such it provided the unforgettable setting for this mega hit blockbuster.

dirty dancing baby bridge scene

Baby practicing on the bridge.  There is no more bridge left but the stone steps are still intact.

The memorable “log scene” was also filmed in North Carolina.  The lush forest setting of western North Carolina was the perfect romantic backdrop for the scene.

dirty dancing festival

The die-hard fans of the movie can attend the annual Dirty Dancing Festival to celebrate the 30 year anniversary in Lake Lure this summer.  Plus, the new Dirty Dancing TV movie was also filmed in NC and is set to release on 5/24/2017.  We are there!

photo credit: Pinterest, spiegel.de, dirtydancingfestival.com

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