Angus Barn (part I) – Wild Turkey Lounge

Our friends introduced us to Angus Barn back in December of 2017 and boy are we glad they did.  Believe it or not we had never been to this Raleigh staple before, seriously it is true!

This barntastic restaurant is a one-of-a-kind dining experience and honestly that’s an understatement.  By that we mean the rich history of “The Barn” and the scope and display of  holiday decor seen throughout the property at this time of year!

restaurant christmas decor

christmas memories

The main dining area was completely booked a couple of months back.  They recommended making a reservation far in advance for this particular section of the restaurant.  The Wild Turkey Lounge doesn’t require a reservation but the wait was long for us due to the holiday season crowd.

Snacks and drinks definitely made our wait much easier in the lobby area with comfortable chairs.  There were two girls in elf costumes handing out gingerbread cookies.  Aren’t they just adorable?

angus barn christmas decor

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Christmas decor galore!  We can’t even imagine all the time and effort it took for them to stage the holiday extravaganza.  The attention to detail is quite remarkable from the ground all the way up to the ceiling.  If you are a fan of holiday decor then you have found your festive haven.

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local country store

You can shop while waiting.  The Country Store houses locally made products including Angus Barn soy candles which we love.  Anyone care for some cigars?

rustic christmas decor

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country style restaurant

Wild Turkey Bar & Lounge

The Wild Turkey Lounge is upstairs and was perfect for the occasion with our friends.  We actually prefer this section over the main dining area.  The overall cozy setting with piano music and old school settees while a toasty fireplace certainly ups the romantic, rustic ambiance.

best steakhouse raleigh

angus barn raleigh nc

Angus Barn is known for their succulent steaks yet there is no shortage of food choices including seafood.  We started with a plate of Barn’s Barbecued Ribs prepared with Angus Barn BBQ sauce.  Yum!  One drink we absolutely recommend trying is the Yamtastic Old Fashion which has a sweet potato flavor.  Or, locally brewed beer if you are in the mood.

The tour of Angus Barn (part II) is coming soon.  We will share this special restaurant more in depth with you so stay tuned!

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