42nd St Oyster Bar

oyster bar raleigh

We love us some oysters!  Eating oysters is pure pleasure – instant gratification.  There is nothing quite like oysters that offers the irresistible, aromatic flavors of the ocean.  They wake up your palatable senses.  The French poet Leon-Paul Fargue puts it perfectly, eating one was “Like kissing the sea on the lips.”  Exactly!

Once in a while we like to indulge in oysters whether it’s at a raw bar in the city or by the grill in our very own backyard.  One of the standout seafood restaurants in Raleigh to enjoy delicious fresh oysters is 42nd St. Oyster Bar.  We prefer oysters off the menu, or you can have servers shucked-to-order right by your dinner table until your oyster-craving is fulfilled.  We believe oysters are not the food to gorge but rather fully experience the taste – one shell at a time.  There are plenty of dinner choices like Shrimp & Grits on the menu but why should we even bother when you’ve got oysters.

42nd street oyster bar raleigh nc

fresh seafood raleigh

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